To produce best quality Milk naturally.

High quality wine requires beginning with premium grape vines and an environment perfectly suited for growing those grapes. Producing great tasting, healthy, all natural milk require the best cattle breeds cultivated in an environment with lush grasses and forages.
We think this analogy is well suited for how we raise our Cows. We start with nothing but the best cattle – with genetics as close as we can find to the original, pure breeds (HF & Jersey). Then we find the most optimal open lands for their raising. And finally, the most dedicated, passionate, and capable caretaker.

Diary Farming

Dairy farming is a class of agricultre or an enterprise, for long-term production of Milk, which may be either processed on-site or transported to a Diary Factory for processing and eventual retail sale. Most dairy farms sell the male calves born by their cows, usually for veal production, or breeding depending on quality of the Bull calf, rather than raising non-milk-producing stock. Many dairy farms also grow their own feed, typically including Maize, Alfalfa, Hay etc. This is fed directly to the cows, or is stored for use during the winter season. Additional dietary supplements are added to the feed to increase quality milk production.

Scope of Diary Farm Business

The total milk consumption in Kerala is more than 5+ Million Ltrs / day and the total production & sourcing is only 4+ Million Ltrs / day. More than 1+ Million Ltrs. is required per day to meet the ever-growing demand of Fresh Milk. This is a great opportunity for investors to start small-scale animal husbandry units to produce milk.

Diary Farm

Calf Being Born

Calf Feeding

Milking System

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